Treat your foot pain with your own cells

Use Orthobiologic Treatments to help repair and relieve your foot pain. Move freely again.

Did you know that you could use your own cells to relieve your pain and repair your body?

We’re dedicated to our patients’ healing experience and know that with innovation comes a lot of education. Therefore, our team is here to inform and support you as we walk you down a new path to healing.

Why Us?

We are a center of medical excellence for advanced cellular repair and other cell-based therapy for the treatment of degenerative for and ankle diseases, including common orthopedic injuries and joint conditions.

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What Can We Do?

We specialize in the nonsurgical treatment of a wide range of foot and ankle disorders.

Avoid surgery. Avoid long and painful rehabilitation and avoid the risks of surgical complications and post-surgical pain. Harness the power of your body’s innate healing to repair and regenerate.

Our state-of-the-art treatments such as orthobiologics, platelet rich plasma, and shock wave treatment promote natural healing, repair and regrowth of your painful foot.

Conditions treated

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Our main differences are:

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We are a dedicated center focused on Orthobiologic treatments for the foot and ankle

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We Only Offer Treatments That Are FDA Allowed And Backed By Scientific Studies, Published In Reputable Medical Journals

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We Use Dynamic Guided Injections For Precision And Safety (Either Ultrasound Or Fluoroscopic X-Ray Guidance).

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We Have A Wide Range Of Orthobiologic Treatments So We Can Personalize Your Treatment.

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Our Triple Board Certified Medical Director Trained In The Best Medical Training Institutions In The US.

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We Help Improve Your Body Functions With Proprietary Cytokines And Supplements So You Get The Best Possible Clinical Outcome.

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We Continually Review the Literature To Improve and Refine Our Treatments.