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After years of competition, Noel had severe knee meniscus damage. Instead of surgery, he tried a Platelet Rich Plasma injection. Now after 3 months, his knee is better than its been for 10 years and he’s thinking about going back to competitive power lifting.

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Linda had a hip injury which resulted in severe hip pain with limited mobility. She had a stem cell procedure 1 month ago and now has less pain with more stability. She is now “easily 80 to 85% better.”

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Julie saw an orthopedic surgeon who told her to have bilateral knee replacement surgery. She decided to have bilateral stem cell treatment instead. Now, 1 month after knee stem cell treatment, and she has zero knee pain compared to before the treatment when she had 10/10 knee pain.

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Fred had stem cell treatment for his left knee 3 months ago. Before the treatment he was in great deal of pain and discomfort. Now his knee pain has dropped from 8/10 to 2/10 and overall discomfort has dropped from 6/10 to 1/10.

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Mary has severe osteoarthritis and 10/10 pain in her hip. She didn’t want to get a hip replacement. Now she is one-month post procedure and has zero pain.

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Dimitri spent a lot of time investigating alternatives for his late stage hip arthritis. All the “specialists” told him he needed a hip replacement. He decided to get stem cell treatment with us. Now, 5 months after stem cell treatment on his hip, his pain is reduced significantly, and he can easily walk without any pain.

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Although Orthobiologic Cell Therapy is considered by some people to be experimental, various research studies show that some marrow aspirate concentrate and platelet rich plasma injections may provide excellent relief from joint and musculoskeletal pain and ongoing inflammation.