Fat Aspirate

Fat or Adipose Tissue

Adipose Tissue Contains a Number of Different Regenerative Cells

Adipose tissue is important since it contains a number of different regenerative cells

These cells can be thought of as “repair cells” for their ability to heal injured organs or body parts, their primary functions being:

Fat Cells
Injection Therapy

Fat Cell Procedure (Lipospirate)

A small amount of fat tissue is removed with needles from your abdomen, hip, or buttock area with a small needle. This is also referred to as a “mini-liposuction” procedure, similar to cosmetic surgery procedures. These cells are then injected where your body needs them. Adipose tissue may contain adipose stem cells which can reduce inflammation and cause cells to grow in number and turn into different types of tissues. The hematopoietic stem cells accomplish repair. The fat cells in the fat tissue will die and release signals which stimulate other cells to become metabolically active. These metabolically active cells stimulate the microenvironment allowing for cellular regeneration. T-regulatory cells are a component of the immune system that suppresses immune responses of other cells. This is an important “self-check” built into the immune system to prevent excessive reactions.

Fat Cell As Part Of Stem Cell Treatment

Many experts in the stem cell field feel fat may be the ideal regenerative tissue since it has everything we need including growth factors, regenerative cells, and the fat itself acts as a 3 dimensional matrix. 
While the scientific literature clearly demonstrates the presence of mesenchymal stem cells in fat,  we utilize micronized fat in certain procedures, as a 3-d cushion or scaffold for bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells.  We realize that both bone marrow and fat are optimal to accomplish repair. (We do not use Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) in any of our procedures since we believe that it is not permitted by the FDA.)

We use ultrasound guidance or x-ray to increase the precision and accuracy of administration

Fat Aspirate

Our Stem Cell Treatment Combination:

“Stem cells are the conductors, the platelets are the construction workers, and the fat is the scaffolding. Together they are a powerful army.”


We use your own cells to help regenerate tissue at the site of cellular damage. Our process addresses your pain in a natural way, without relying on narcotic pain medications or invasive surgery and without artificial implants or replacements.



Your fat can help activate injected stem cells by creating a healthy environment for them to multiply as well as providing important cushioning and scaffolding.


The PRP instructs the body to send stem cells to the area of damage and at the same time causes the stem cells to reproduce and begin repair.