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An individualized approach to your care.

We believe in an individualized approach to your care and we tailor a specific regime that’s best suited to your problems. We have a broad range of treatments from joint injections, to custom orthotics and orthobiologoical or cell based treatments such as Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate and Platelet Rich Plasma.

Regenerative cells can be collected from bone marrow and blood with minimal discomfort. These cells can then be minimally processed in a state of the art laboratory utilizing the latest technology. Finally, the regenerative cells, in combination with natural growth and healing factors, can be injected under guidance where they are needed – such as an inflamed Achilles tendon or ankle joint. 

Over time, the cells can potentially repair and regenerate the damaged tissues, resulting in relief of pain and improvement in mobility and function.

When you visit for an initial consultation, we will recommend a personalized Regenerative Medicine treatment for you. We assess your health and your medical problems and develop an individualized treatment plan that will optimize your function, improve your quality of life, and help your return back to the person you used to be.

Janet D. Pearl

Our Medical Director

Janet D. Pearl, MD, MSc