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Rigidness and Comfort

It has taken us over 4 years to find the custom orthotic that meets our high standard. We use a company based on the East Coast to manufacture our custom orthotics. What makes ours so special? Rigidness and Comfort. We have tried so many orthotics. Some are too rigid, some are too bulky, some don’t have the necessary support, some are just made poorly. Ours have the perfect combination of structure, rigidity, comfort and very high quality.

Heat Moldable

Heat Moldable – Industry Exclusive

Our orthotic can be tweaked and adjusted by using a heat gun to give that just perfect fit. In most instances, they come perfect and this is not needed. But just in case, we’ve got you covered

Computerized Milling

Precision Computerized 
Milling Production

Our CNC milled custom orthotics provides the highest quality of tolerances and least amount of human error. From our manufacturer: “There were 3 companies we knew of offering CAD/CAM CNC milling systems, and we made sure to choose the one that offered the highest quality system. This in turn, gives us the flexibility and the adaptability you need to service you to the highest level.”

Comfort Orthotic

The Comfort Orthotic allows for maximum range of motion with it’s intrinsic post design, while delivering a deep heel comfort of 14mm. The template is designed to offer maximum surface area and shock absorption and fit inside all various types of sneakers


Support Orthotic

Our Support orthotic line is our most functional design. The heel cup is a deep 16-18mm for fuller heel and rearfoot control, and our plastic thickness is calculated by a steeper linear equation, starting from 3mm to our maximum 4.8mm for the most functional yet rigid device you will ever need.



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We have tried so many orthotics and we are proud of now being able to offer our patients what we believe is the best

3D Scanner

3D scanning technology has made significant advancements in the last 5 years. We use a specially designed 3D Scanner that uses a radical new approach. The scanner creates an imaginary plaster mold of your foot and transmits a file which is fed directly into the CAD/CAM machine to custom fit your orthotic


Scanning Precision

The iPad scanner can rotate around the foot during scanning to catch the data around heel and go beyond the plantar surface with laser-precision. This iPad foot scanner not only replaces a traditional foot scanner but also the cast scanner. In fact, it does a better job in scanning than casts, because casts are stationary during the scanning process

Imaginary Molds

The proprietary takes 3D images of the plantar surface of your foot measuring along the Roll, Yaw, and Pitch axes, along with 3D images of positive and negative plaster-casts and foam-boxes to create imaginary molds of your foot.

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Rich Processing

The processing/conversion program makes yaw, pitch, and roll adjustments. Other rich processing functions are built into the program which improve the quality of the images. Together, they vastly improve the quality of your custom orthotic

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