Christina’s Testimonial after her ankle stem cell procedure

Dear Dr. Pearl

I would like to commend you on the stem cell treatment I received. You might not know this, but I investigated stem cell therapy for over six months and interviewed three different treatment centers. One of the centers was out almost immediately but the 2nd one was in business for over 20 years and had offices throughout the US. After considering all options, I decided on your pain clinic due to the fact that I felt I would’ve have a more personalized experience, even though I had to travel from Florida to Boston for treatment. I was also lucky to have a best friend in the nearby town. It just seemed ‘meant to be.’

Well, I’m certainly made the right decision. I know in my heart that this was the best decision I could have made and no one else would’ve done a better job than you.

This was a very old injury (trauma to the ankle due to an accident over 25 years ago). The pain has gotten worse and worse over time. When I started I was using the cane 80% of the time and struggled with a badly swollen ankle. Even after just an hour shit or so of shopping I would be in pain and had to come home and elevate my foot in addition to applying ice packs, just to take down the swelling and stop the throbbing pain.

I have improved significantly and I noticed that even if I overdo it a bit on certain days, my recovery time is much quicker and I’m typically feeling fine again the next day.

I want to thank you again for caring for me so well. I can see you love what you do and it truly shows.



By the way, please use me as a reference and you feel free to have any of your potential patients call me to discuss my journey

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